OXYnor Optical Oxygen Sensor

The OXYnor is a single channel module for measuring oxygen and temperature. It consists of a phase detection board for luminescence detection integrated in a 12 mm stainless steel fitting.

The small outer dimensions and low power consumption enable a simple integration into custom monitoring & control systems.

As a digital interface it uses RS-485 Modbus RTU (option RS-485 ASCII proprietary). A serial communication protocol is offered for data exchange between a PC or another host unit and the OXYnor Unit.


• Simple integration (12 mm steel fitting) or POM housing
• Low power consumption
• Luminescence lifetime detection via a precise phase detection board
• No oxygen consumption, no need for flow to measure
• Measure in any position, also horizontal and upside down

Bytte av cap og o-ring på OXYnor standard

Bytte av glass og o-ring på OXYnor POM