Aqua Metrix Sensors

Sentec are distributing the Aqua Metrix in the Nordic area, AquaMetrix products have been manufactured for more than five decades. The original manufacturer, Lisle-Metrix, was licensed to build GLI (Great Lakes Instruments) products for the Canadian market. GLI probes and controllers earned their place as some of the most rugged and reliable water analysis equipment in the market place. Following the signing of NAFTA in 1992, Lisle-Metrix expanded to provide products for the global market under its own name. In 1998, Lisle-Metrix became Aquametrix, and in 2010, the company became the foundation for Water Analytics, Inc.

Throughout the changes in both ownership and name, the original probes and controllers, that have been known for their quality, have continued to be made to be interchangeable with their GLI precursors. A steady stream of improvements have made them even better, while a suite of new products have grown to supply even more options to the water treatment industry. Water Analytics continues to build Aquametrix probes and controllers to even more exacting standards and to incorporate changes that make them all the more rugged and more reliable. We will continue to strive to ensure that Aquametrix products are both the most dependable in the marketplace and priced to represent the best value as well.

Salinity Sensors

A conductivity system is only as good as the sensor or cell which provides the signal to the analyzer or controller. Water Analytics Inc., with many years of experience in the measurement of conductivity, manufactures a wide variety of conductivity cells to satisfy any industrial, power plant or laboratory application. In addition to the standard line, all types are available for high temperature applications.

The AS and AM series probes all work with the Shark controller, Shark-TX transmitter and most other manufacturers’ analyzers. The ES-5 toroidal sensor provides a direct 4-20 mA output that can straight to the 2300 controller. The ES-1 is meant to work with Hach or Knick controllers.

Differential pH/ORP Sensors

There are hundreds of pH and ORP (redox) sensors in the marketplace. Only a few use differential technology. And only one is the legendary Aquametrix probe. For three decades the Aquametrix differential probes have set the standard for durability, longevity and precision. These sensors may cost more up front but, in very aggressive processes, they will end up saving money over the years.

Every model comes as either a pH (“P”) probe or ORP (“R”) probe. All but one class of sensors are meant to be used with the Shark controller or Shark TX transmitter. The P/R-65 series of differential probes provide direct 4-20 mA output for a PLC or the AquaMetrix 2300 controller.

Controllers and Transmitters

AquaMetrix has been making controllers and transmitters for over three decades. The 2200 controllers for pH, ORP, conductivity and flow put the AquaMetrix name on the map due to their ruggedness and simplicity. The Shark controller and Shark TX transmitter replaced all four 2200 models with one multi-parameter, single-input analyzer. After 10 years of a stellar track record the Shark and Shark TX have been replaced by the AM-2250 and AM-2250TX. With greater measurement accuracy and features that you actually need these two new models will set a new standard for durability and ease of use for the next decade.

The AM-2300 multi-parameter, multi-input controller is the first and only web-enabled analyzer that brings SCADA functionality to a small package that anyone can configure and use. One day all controllers will work like it.