The AM-UST mini is arguably the most compact, most rugged and most cost-effective level transducers on the market. It is perfect for level measurement less than 13 feet. When connected with the 2300 Controller it is a complete process automation system for level control.
Inside the Mini is a full feature ultrasonic transducer that outputs directly either a 4-20 mA analog signal or two Modbus over RS485 digital signals. The unit is powered by a 15 -24 VDC power supply.
With an RS 485 connection to any Windows computer the user can customize both the distance range, offset and span. The software (included) also allows one to adjust the Modbus signal for sampling rate, signal averaging, loss of echo time-out, set-point hysteresis and even view the signal waveform for diagnostic purposes. The multi-drop communication network allows up to 32 sensors to be connected in parallel.
We call this the “mini” but its durability is anything but. It satisfies NEMA 4X and IP67 ratings and operates from -20 0C to 65 0C—with built-in temperature compensation. Let’s not forget protection of over-voltage, short-circuits and reverse polarity.