ES Series

  • Choice of voltage output probe or 4-20 mA direct output probes
  • Polypropylene (ES-1), CPVC (ES-5) wetted material
  • Convertible style fitting
  • Temperature compensation: PT1000 RTD (ES-1), PT100 RTD (ES-5)
  • 20 ft (6.6 m) Cable
  • One year limited warranty

Water Analytics ES series electrodeless conductivity sensors are used in processes where conventional contacting sensors may become fouled or corroded. Each sensors can be mounted in flow through applications or submersion mounted in tanks or open vessels.
The ES-1 provides a raw signal that requires a third party analyzer for power and signal processing. We recommend the Knick line for this purpose. The ES-5 is one of the very few toroidal sensors that is loop powered and directly outputs a 4-20 mA signal.